The Lonely Hearts Romance Comics Podcast – Episode 6 – The Taming of the Brute


Weird Love #1 gives us a lot to talk about, but we stick to The Taming of the Brute, originally from Charlton’s Just Married #53. It’s a doozy and makes for a great installment of Romance Comics Theatre. Along the way, we talk up IDW’s Weird Love series, Max Headroom, and Shakespeare. Kid you not.

Listen to Episode 6! (The usual filthy filthy language warnings apply.)

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Further credits :
“Comic Book Romance” (Theme for Lonely Hearts Podcast) by Johnny and the Jokers.

“Here’s to the Losers” (End theme for Lonely Hearts Podcast) by James (Vic Fontaine) Darren.

Relevant teaser clip from Shakespeare’s Retold’s “The Taming of the Shrew”, written by Sally Wainwright, starring Shirley Henderson

Additional audio:

Romance Comics Theatre Music: “Ain’t Right” by The Sound Defects

Bonus clips from: “Max Headroom” by Annabel Jankel and Rocky Morton, starring Matt Frewer; “Beach Blanket Bingo” by William Asher, Music and arrangements by Jerry Styner, lyrics by Guy Hemric, performed by Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello and cast; “The Taming of the Shrew” by Franco Zeffirelli, starring Richard Burton; Deep Space Nine’s “A Man Alone”, written by Gerald Sanford & Michael Piller, starring René Auberjonois.

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9 thoughts on “The Lonely Hearts Romance Comics Podcast – Episode 6 – The Taming of the Brute

    1. No shame in that. When I got the audio from the actors, man, I laughed. Denise really gave me a lot to work with specifically, throwing in various sounds that weren’t actually in the comic, which made it come alive.

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  1. The about this comic is I could ALMOST make an argument in favor of the relationship from a BDSM angle. Most people understand the standard rolls of dominant and submissive, but there’s much less understood switch who displays aspects of both and may desire one or other depending on situation or mood. I’ve been advised by my attorney not to divulge the source of my knowledge in this area, but I’d recommend the sadly discontinued webcomic Nic Buxom for some entertaining perspective on the issue (

    Of course, this interpretation doesn’t actually hold up due to the “long con” nature of the comic. If the whole thing were condensed to a few weeks or even months and didn’t involve marriage it could work. But since any lasting BDSM relationship requires a very large amount of open communication and these two are playing a silent game of chicken well into their marriage, yeah I have to chalk it up to the misogyny of the time. Though the spanking is probably still somebody’s fetish bleeding through, much like all of the bondage on display in the old Wonder Woman comics.


  2. Another great episode. But what a story!

    For me, I do think these ‘I love you … you’re perfect … now change’ stories a bit disheartening. Love should be acceptance, not change. It is hard to change people’s hard wiring and not have them sink into resentment. And people should love the person they say they do. I’m not saying that opposites can’t attract. It’s that it is pretty clear, at least here, that she doesn’t respect Nick. And Nick doesn’t respect himself to know he is being molded into something he isn’t.

    Where does this couple go from here? Does she become the totally controlled one and he becomes the one calling the shots? Do they move somewhere into the center with both respecting each other and working together? Or does this show they can’t survive together?

    I guess to put it succinctly, I would say ‘think of the kids!’ I learned a lot from comics reading them growing up. I learned vocabulary. I learned heroic ideals. I learned plot devices. I don’t know if I would want to learn what love really means if this is what I am being taught.

    Absolutely great acting by the way.


  3. 💔 As best as I can tell from reading his comics, Joe Gill was a right wing tool of the patriarchy, but sufficiently arch and arbitrary and quirky to be thoroughly enjoyable as camp. Of the various theories offered, I most agree with this being written as a man’s power fantasy. It’s about a guy who never stops being A GUY, but he goes along with a charade to score until his female adversary finally gets her comeuppance and confesses she always secretly wanted his macho dominion. Viewed from that perspective, it’s actually something of a horror story of emasculation with an EC style twist “in the end.” That said, behind the scenes, he must have been throwing bone like a caveman to work out his frustration. Even the art heavily sexualizes the gal while the gent is your basic model male.

    Vince Colletta was what I call an assimilator, an inker with such a heavy hand he overwhelms the pencils with his style. I liked him over Kirby because you can only tame his brutishness so much, and the King could use some softening more often than not. Also, Colletta was specifically Kirby’s Thor inker, giving that book a distinctly different look from Joe Sinnott’s Fantastic Four.

    Denise Oliver was a gem. I figured she was at least a frustrated actress at first blush, but was unsurprised to learn she’s a working professional just slumming in podcasting. There’s a richness of character in her speech that’s a cut above (but no offense to r’eglar folks’ efforts.)

    💔 Enjoyed this one quite a bit, but absolutely not in a Rob way. I think what we’ve learned today is that he’s probably just a much of a horndog as Shag, just with more specialized tastes.


    1. Joe Sinnott is probably my favorite inker for Kirby’s Marvel work.

      Denise: She was excellent. Not the only professional actor to play a role on the show – hell, Bass is a professional radio personality, stand-up comic and actor – but she had both the chops, specific experience in voice work, AND no language barrier. A perfect storm.

      And yeah, Rob got infected by Shagg somewhere along the way, didn’t he?


  4. Been bingeing the episodes, and loving every minute of it! This one is a stand-out, and the best Lonely Hearts Theater yet. The scans also prove Vince Colletta WASN’T just a hack inker who erased penciller’s work to meet last minute deadlines and get more work. He does some solid pencil work here.

    The story is a hoot. I almost detected some hidden context that the lady was trying to PROVOKE some violence out of him! You can read it either way, but it seems to be there, and would be no less outrageous than the “taming” part. I agree, it’s hard to imagine this coming from this late in the 60s.


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